Just One Travel Buddy

Leon and I are on the cusp of solidifying our next vacation spot {well we booked it, since I started this post a week ago, lol}, and I am super excited about getting away with my bestie!  Simultaneously, I am caught up in the whirlwind of planning a bachelorette weekend with some of my home girls from work. Let’s just say, these have been TWO TOTALLY different experiences, lol. I’ve often been asked why I always travel with Leon, and there are lots of pieces out about the importance of solo and group travel {both great in their own right}, but these varying travel planning experiences got me to thinking about why having just one travel buddy, isn’t such a bad idea:

  • You don’t have to take a lot of opinions and issues into consideration.

When Leon and I travel, the only things we have to really think about is paid time off (well, for me since he’s his own boss now) and our cats. We try to book major travel during the times when I am off work, hence our approaching summer vacay, and our cats take care of themselves. {#teamcats} When considering travel with others, there are husbands, wives, children, other jobs, dogs, activity concerns, and so much more to take in consideration, that leads to a lot of back and forth, until a solution is reached or I shut down, lol.


(in Cartagena, Colombia)

  • The two of you tend to have a similar style of traveling {if you don’t already, you will}.

Sometimes Leon and I are so alike and other times we are SO different, but when it comes to travel style, we vibe easily. When planning our vacations, we like to plan a few things, have a list of other things we want to potentially do, and then everything else is spontaneous. Truth be told sometimes, while traveling, we do nothing but lay around watching tv for an evening or morning, which is ay-ok with us both. With 3 or more people, detailed itineraries are often needed, and that’s generally not my style. #freespirit


(in Austin, TX)

  • Dividing flight and lodging accommodations are pretty cut and dry.

Whatever the cost of our trip, divided in half, equals what we pay. Activities and excursions are cut in half, or one of us volunteers to pay. Plain. And. Simple. We set an easily agreed upon budget, and move on. We put it on a credit card, and the other person reimburses the credit card holder the next day {if it’s a vacation package situation}. Start adding in extra people, and you have to decide who gets which room and which bed, who wants to stay in what area of town, who doesn’t mind paying a little extra for nicer accommodations, who doesn’t want to do a certain activity {and therefore doesn’t want to pay}, who wants to fly what airline, and who is going to wait for them at the airport, among other things…TEW MURCH. My anxiety can’t take all of that too often, lol.


(in Toronto, Canada)

  • There’s just one personality to struggle with, enjoy.

Leon and I spend A LOT of time together, and as I mentioned above, sometimes we can be very different, which results in clashing and lots of nerve damage, from somebody getting on them. Nonetheless, when we travel together, I am already aware of how his personality works, and he knows mine. I don’t have to be surprised when he doesn’t like something or acts a certain way. I don’t have to hope we can get along, as we’ve developed a flow that allows us to piss each other off and get on each other’s nerves, while still enjoying each other’s company {crazy, I know, lol}. Traveling is a great test of friendship because you are with someone (or people) for days on end, and not just for a few hours at a time. When you start bringing too many personalities together, doing the same activities, at the same time, for several days, all kind of hell can break loose, and my attitude is too bad, and I value my friend and family ties too much to risk it, lol. {Leon is simply stuck with me forever, lol.}


(in Orenjestad, Aruba)

Don’t get me wrong, I think a trip with the girls/guys, or extended family can be an awesome experience! It does however, require more effort, and some discomfort, for a person like myself. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to hitting New Orleans with my home girls in a week, and maybe even taking a road trip with my tribe later in the year. However, I think I’ll stick to regularly hopping on a plane or getting in a car and seeing some place new (or old) with my trusted travel buddy, Leon.

Do you have a travel buddy?  Why do you like traveling with him/her?

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