2017 Is Our Year…

…well maybe! I’ve read Leon’s hilarious post from earlier in the week, many times, before and after hitting “publish,” and while I agree with SO many things on the list, I found it to be missing some things.  So I, too, compiled a list of things that I/y’all/we need to stop in order for 2017 to be our year:

  1. Snapchat filters…ALL OF THEM
  2. Hog rings…you know the ones y’all wear that in y’all’s noses that resemble the rings put in the noses of hogs, supposedly to keep them from burrowing their noses into the ground
  3. Asking when someone’s going to get married or have children
  4. Hair bonnets worn in public
  5. Box mashed potatoes
  6. Having one revenue stream
  7. The tops with holes in them trend…thanks Kanye
  8. Talkative Uber drivers
  9. Announcing social media departures, as if anyone really cares
  10. Not holding our friends accountable
  11. Social media videos of people silently moving their heads around and stroking they hair, often with music in the background {see my homie in my head, Plies, for an example, lmbo}
  12. Asking why Leon and I aren’t a couple, or when we will be
  13. Living above one’s means
  14. Thinking it’s too late to turn a dream into a reality
  15. Men who do a lot of texting, but don’t ask for a date
  16. Not having life insurance
  17. Ordering Moscato at dinner {it’s a dessert wine}
  18. Thinking you have haters
  19. Full weaves with missing edges
  20. Shopping at Target without using the Cartwheel app
  21. Parents not being there for their kids
  22. Talkative Uber riders {I drive for Uber in my free time}
  23. Social media bandwagoning…you’d swear my whole timeline has been listening to George Michael daily and watching Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds movies weekly (I don’t know much about either person; may they rest peacefully)
  24. Niggas in tunics/dresses
  25. Thinking you have to settle, just because you’re 30 and single {ain’t no settlin’ bih}


What say you?! What else should be added to the list?  Let us know in the comments.

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