New Year…New Me!!!

new me

…nah, I’ll be the same ‘ol me – hopefully a little wiser and better positioned to accomplish some personal goals, but I’m pretty well set in my ways, so yeah…BUT, there are a few things I think y’all/I/we should cut the hell out in the new year…

  • Long-ass movie previews
  • Body-con dresses ALL…THE…TIME
  • “Blasts from the past”…do those EVER work out?
  • Lending money
  • Friendships that have run their course
  • Box macaroni
  • Women putting the palm of their hand on their chest in pics
  • IG “models” talm bout they’re “Entrepreneurs” in their bios
  • Online boutiques with cheap clothes
  • Fake J’s
  • Pyramid schemes — take your pic
  • Unaccomplished people over 30
  • Purposefully half-hidden pics of your man like people are pressed…don’t nobody care
  • Posting meal pics with Styrofoam plates at non-cookout/kickback/similar events
  • Waist trainers
  • IG spammers
  • People texting me who can’t spell or put two sentences together
  • Making your personal life VERY public
  • Lying to kick it
  • Giving niggas in dusty, square-toe, rubber sole dress shoes y’alls number
  • ONLY wanting to text me…if we ain’t having actual, substantive, “can you hear me now” conversations regularly, consider yourself ghosted
  • Non-reciprocating people
  • Wasting my time AT ALL
  • Wearing suits STRAIGHT off the rack
  • Dating women under 38 (j/k, but boy have I considered it, lol)


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