Power + 13 Random A** Thoughts

image from: TVLine

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we have dinner and watch Power every Sunday {this also applies to The Walking Dead, which is returning soon! and whatever other show we get into on Sunday nights}.  I used to try to tweet our random thoughts, with Leon constantly asking if I’m paying attention, lol, but I’m not as much of a twitter fan as I used to be, so we figured, we’d share the  random a** thoughts we had while watching the Power season 3 finale, last night {if you are looking for a legit recap of the episode, this is not it, maybe try this} here in this post instead:

DISCLAIMER:  Some of the language may be considered offensive, but this is how we really talk to each other, lol.

  1. Ghost is always impeccably dressed, even when wearing all black to break into apartments like Batman.
  2. What the heck is Milan saying?
  3. Ghost can smell Angela’s titty scent in Greg’s apartment.
  4. Greg needed to die, but Ghost doesn’t need to be implicated!
  5. Where are Tariq’s parents?!! {this one was said on more than one occasion}
  6. Is Tasha not worried about her girl Kesha?
  7. That boy Ghost has the “Presidenital” Roley on!
  8. This kid {Tariq} needs to be smacked.
  9. Dude {ADA Cooper Saxe} didn’t waste anytime trying to get that “jay jay” from Angela.
  10. Whatever is going on with Tasha’s hair needs to stop {Sidenote: We’re generally not a fan of how she is styled on the show}
  11. Why do they {Tommy and Ghost} always do so much talking before killing somebody?
  12. He should’ve killed Angela when Tommy said so!
  13. When does the next season start? 2017???!!!!

  Did you watch the season finale of Power?  What are some of the random thoughts you had while watching?

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