In Cartagena? Go On A Street Food Tour!

After having our first food tour experience during our Thanksgiving trip to Toronto last year, we decided that we’d try a food tour whenever we visit a new place.  So, when we went to Cartagena, Colombia a couple of months ago, a food tour was a must!  Instead of doing a traditional food tour that would take us to various restaurants (which we definitely enjoyed in Toronto), we decided to book a street food tour with Cartagena Connections.  Should you ever find yourself in Cartagena, this is why we think you should too!

  • You get to see how the food is cooked, as well as the people cooking it, which gives insight in to the Colombian culture.  There’s something about watching a woman create the arepa, drop it in a deep fryer, and create the salsas to top it, right in front of you.




  • The FOOD.  Fried, sweet, savory, strange, hot, and even cold, there were a variety of flavors and taste, some we liked, and some we couldn’t finish, lol.  The fried arepa filled with egg, might’ve been our favorite…or maybe it was the grilled cornbread like pastry!





  • It gives you the opportunity to take in the beautiful street art!  In Houston, we enjoy seeing the art that pops up in various parts of the city, but walking through Getsemani, seeing the art everywhere, is exhilarating.






  • Great photo opportunities!  Because, of course, Instagram. 😉  Looking back at photos from the street tour for this post, brought back so many memories for us, and will continue to do so for a lifetime.




BONUS:  If you are an extrovert or really like people (neither of which apply to us, lol), going on a street food tour is also a great way to meet new people and possibly make new friends!

Tell us! Have you ever been on a food tour?  If so, in what city? If you’ve never been on a food tour, is it something you’d like to try?

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