No Settling

I’m a single gal, and the dating struggle is real in my world (and I know I’m not the only one). I’ve come to the conclusion that a part of the reason for such struggle is the high expectations I have for men, due to my amazing best friend.

Leon is  intelligent, God-fearing, chivalrous, educated, financially savvy, protective, creative, rather quirky, hilarious, hardworking, stylish, and just the right amount of “hood.” He’s kinda everything, which is awesome, but sucks for my dating life, because when I meet men, they’re always being compared to him (of course I don’t truly expect other men to be just like Leon), lol.  However, when your best friend sets the bar really high, settling isn’t an option.

I don’t have dudes beating down my door, but every now and then, a fella rings my doorbell.  Poor guy, he means well, with his morning text messages (and inabilty to pick up the phone to talk), somewhat funny jokes, and struggle to ask directly for a date (that’s a whole other post in itself, lol), but Leon has set the bar so high for how I should be treated.  Whenever I talk to him about these guys, he’s like, “nah, not good enough,” lol.

Truth be told, our friendship has taught me that he’s right.  A few years ago, I’d have considered myself lucky just to have a guy interested in me, but Leon often reminds me that I’m a Queen and should be treated as such. {this sentiment has forayed into other areas of my life as well, friendship, career, etc.}   I’ll probably die an old spinster, as a result, but once the bar has been set, there is no settling.

~ Lovely

4 thoughts on “No Settling

  1. Love it so so true don’t settle I do the same thing and think maybe it’s me but we are Queens and should be treated as such love you and preach on Leon

    1. You are a queen and should be treated as such… I also understand that sometimes we get lonely and long for the happiness that we see others have. Just know that you will find a man that will make all of the waiting worth while. You are the ultimate prize.

  2. Why am I just seeing this post? I’ve learned don’t compare any man to anybody. God already has someone for you and that person is gonna be the perfect person for your heart . I know. Me and God are cool:) And it’s gonna be someone who you least expect to be your type. Just you watch:)

    You are so damn dope.

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