The First 30 Minutes of “Above the Rim”

After watching Parts 1 and 2 of The Roots remake a couple of weeks ago, Leon and I decided to DVR Part 3 and see what was on tv instead (Part 2 had my eyes flowing). After a bit of channel surfing, we decided to watch (well Leon decided, and I agreed, lol) Above the Rim, well because it’s a classic.  30 minutes in (including commercials), and I had 5 thoughts, most of which came in the first 10 minutes:

  1. How fine would Tupac be in 2016?  1994 Tupac was FOINE.
  2. The 90’s had so many great classic movies, like Boyz N The Hood, Jungle Fever, Juice, and Poetic Justice, to name a few, that I’ll be sure to show my kids (should they be in my future).
  3. Leon (the actor, not my bestie) hasn’t aged much.  He must be drinking that vampire juice!
  4. I miss seeing Bernie Mac on tv and in movies.  Even as a homeless guy playing some high schoolers on a neighborhood basketball court, he stole the scene. RIP.
  5. If a movie is playing on cable, why must the cursing be censored?! It just doesn’t make sense to me.

What’s your favorite 90’s movie?

~ Lovely

One thought on “The First 30 Minutes of “Above the Rim”

  1. I can see that this will quickly become my favorite blog. I loved all the movies you listed plus a few more like; Strictly Business, Menace to Society, Dead Presidents, Love Jones, The Five Heartbeats, Higher Learning, oh how the list goes on.

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