Who is this Leon?

So…y’all are probably like, “Who in the hell is Leon?” I’d like to think I’m a reasonably interesting person, who does, says and thinks reasonably interesting things — but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. I hope you’ll stick around to decide. But for starters and as a way of intro, I’ll give you a few tidbits about myself — some humorous, some wack and some maybe even pseudo-deep-ish…

I…HATE…COCONUT! I’m throwing away anything that I even suspect has bits of coconut in it. I’m all-in for gifted desserts, but save your granny’s german chocolate cake for the next guy.

I once had a woman ask to see a copy of my resume as a prerequisite of dating her — who does this?!

I love cats, they remind me of me…

I’m extremely pragmatic, but won’t do anything if it doesn’t “feel” right…I trust my gut.

I love working with my hands…building/fixing things, gardening/lawn care, tinkering with stuff, etc. It was ingrained within me that work is good for you — strong body, strong mind. There’s nothing like seeing the fruits of your labor…the funny thing is, I hate dirty finger nails. I obsessively clean mine and it’s one of the first things I notice in others.

Back on desserts…I have a love affair with peach cobbler. You’re cooking with gas if it can stand on its own — doesn’t require adding ice cream.

I once took an etiquette class and with it included ballroom dancing…I never get to use it though.

I don’t scare easily,  but I’m DEATHLY afraid of rats…like, jump up on a chair/leaving and staying in a hotel afraid, lol.

I love nature. It’s just so peaceful. To me, it is one of the best embodiment’s of God’s power.

I’m pretty traditional and old-school,  but don’t mind if you’re not. I’m pretty set in my ways though.

I’m a proud introvert and dig myself.

I think that’s enough.


5 thoughts on “Who is this Leon?

  1. Leon+Lovely= I’m loving it!!!
    Two peas in a pod!!
    I’m ready to go on this exciting journey with you both!!!
    Such a beautiful friendship!!

  2. Since I’m amateur psychiatrist (barber) I think your love of cats and fear of rats have some correlation. 🙄. Great blog and my first blog ever. #rockstar

  3. I think this will be a dope blog! Rocquelle is dope,so anyone she effs with is usually dope:) It’s odd though, i’ve met you several times and you don’t strike me as an introvert. Observant, yes…introvert, nah. Neither does Rocquelle but what do I know:)

    And sir, a woman who asks for your resume’ as a prerequisite??? I just can’t.

    Happy blogging!

  4. Leon you sound like a rare gem in this world full stones. I look forward to reading/seeing the dynamic of you and Rocquelle’s friendship. Why don’t you guys just date already!!!

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