Lovely Who?

I’m pretty old school and believe in proper manners and such.  My Granny and Momma taught me that it is mannerly to introduce myself when I meet new people.  Truth be told, I generally struggle with introducing myself to strangers, but thankfully strangers like introducing themselves to me, lol.  And since some of you reading Leon and Lovely are new to me (and I’m new to you), introductions are certainly due!  I’m not that great at going on and on about myself, so I thought it’d be fun to share 10 random things about myself.  You’ll learn lots more about me, should you continue to read our blog {and I really hope you do!}.

My biggest fear is being a woman with no edges {maybe not my biggest, but it’s way up there}. NO LIE, long before having no edges became a viral concern, I was using oils and toothbrushes as hairline redeemers, because being without a full hairline (health issues aside), just isn’t an option for me.

I LOVE being a Black woman.  My melanin doth overflow.

I used to be a “style” blogger.  I officially stopped blogging on Consider Me Lovely in December of last year, after 5 years, but the archives are still there, should you want to a bit of “style” inspiration. 😉

I didn’t get my first pet until I was 30 {almost a year ago}, and I love my cat Nino to pieces!

I’m an introvert in every sense of the word.  Sitting at home alone on my couch, with my cat (and Leon) suits me just fine on any day of the week.

I love clouds.  I can lay out staring at them for hours, and I may or may not be guilty of taking pictures of clouds while driving.

I think coloring books are the ish.  I don’t know whose bright idea it was to create coloring books for adults, but I love them for it!  One of my favorite things to do after a long day of teaching, is to color.  {Sidenote:  Why do the images have to be so detailed though, it takes me 3 months to complete one page!}

I am addicted to sweets.  Cookies. Candy. Cake. Pie.  You make it, leave it on my desk, deliver it to my house, wave it under my nose, etc. and I’ll eat it, unless it’s nasty (or carrot cake).  This addiction has brought me great joy and my teeth great displeasure over the years.

I hate peas!  The flavor is bad enough, but what I dislike the most is the consistency.  Have you ever bitten into a pea and felt the inner-pea pop out?  I’m getting sick thinking about it!

Long long long ago, I was a ballet dancer.  I even got to the point of doing intro pointe, but then life happened, and I had to stop. Every now and then, I take a class, and the young girls in there remind me that I’m not 13/14 anymore, lol.

Don’t be a stranger!  Share some random fact about yourself in the comments.

~ Lovely

4 thoughts on “Lovely Who?

  1. Leon+Lovely= I’m loving it!!!
    Two peas in a pod!!
    I’m ready to go on this exciting journey with you both!!!
    Such a beautiful friendship!!

  2. I LOVE my coloring book and take it everywhere with me!! Wish I had started years ago! Love my cat, Blade as well! 🙂 Rock on educator!!!

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